Our Experts


The German Politics Specialist Group wants to engage with a wider public and with the news media. Below you can find a list of our experts and their contact details. Should you need expertise about anything concerning German politics and policy you can contact our experts directly or get in touch with them via emailing GPSG.





Andreas, Jan-Justus University of York Energy security; European energy policy; renewable energy transitions ja973 [at] york.ac.uk

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Bolton, Ivor University of Birmingham German Democratic Republic; East Germany; post-unification Germany; memory studies; the politics of memory IMB127 [at] student.bham.ac.uk
Chiocchetti, Paolo University of Luxembourg German party system; election studies; Die Linke/Left Party mail [at] paolochiocchetti.it

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Clarke, David University of Bath The politics of memory; transitional justice; Germany in the Cold War; cultural diplomacy

d.clarke [at] bath.ac.uk

Dilling, Matthias University of Oxford German party system; CDU/CSU; Christian Conservative Party; center-right parties matthias.dilling [at] pmb.ox.ac.uk
Eckersley, Peter University of York Local governance in England and German peter.eckersley [at] york.ac.uk
Graef, Josefin Hertie School of Governance, Berlin immigration and integration policy, identity politics and social cohesion, violence and terrorism graef [at] hertie-school.org


Hillebrand, Rainer Fulda University of Applied Sciences Economy and European integration; political economy of Germany and the EU; environmental Economics;  ecological modernisation; economic globalisation rainer.hillebrand [at] w.hs-fulda.de
Galpin, Charlotte University of Birmingham European identity; Euroscepticism; European public sphere; media and political communication c.a.galpin [at] bham.ac.uk
Hogwood, Patricia University of Westminster German identity politics; German military strategic culture; German welfare state; German leadership politics; immigration policy P.Hogwood [at] westminster.ac.uk
Hough, Dan University of Sussex Political corruption; party system; Die Linke/The Left Party; post-communist parties d.t.hough [at] sussex.ac.uk
Olmos Marcitllach, Alejandro European Central Bank/ UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) German banking sector; German social-democracy; Social Democratic Party/SPD olmosma [at] ecb.europa.eu

aolmos29 [at] alumno.uned.es

Kintz, Melanie University of Chemnitz Parliamentarism; political careers; women and minorities in German politics; American politics melanie.kintz [at] phil.tu-chemnitz.d
Klinke, Ian University of Oxford Geopolitics; Cold War and its legacy; European integration; the New Right ian.klinke [at] ouce.ox.ac.uk
Langenbacher, Eric Georgetown University German Party System; Comparative European Politics; Transatlantic Relations; Politics and Memory langenbe [at] georgetown.edu
Lees,  Charles University of Bath Comparative party systems; coalition government; social democracy; Social Democratic Party/SPD c.s.j.lees [at] bath.ac.uk

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Larres, Klaus University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/ Princeton German and European foreign policy; US foreign policy; German foreign policy toward China; transatlantic relations; geopolitics Larres [at] unc.edu


Pautz, Hartwig University of the West of Scotland Social democracy; Social Democratic Party/SPD; e-democracy; think tanks; expertise and knowledge hartwig.pautz [at] uws.ac.uk


Schweiger, Christian University of Chemnitz Comparative European governance; European Union; Comparative political economy; Central and Eastern Europe; transatlantic relations christian.schweiger [at] phil-tu-chemnitz.de
Tobin, Paul University of Manchester German climate policy; energy transition; comparative European politics paul.tobin [at] manchester.ac.uk


Wittlinger, Ruth University of Durham German national identity; Germany’s Nazi past; German diaspora studies; German foreign policy ruth.wittlinger [at] durham.ac.uk
Wurzel, Rüdiger University of Hull Environmental policy; comparative European politics and policy; modes of governance r.k.wurzel [at] hull.ac.uk